About Double Click Systems

Super Productivity Online Training

We use technology to make your life better.

We believe technology is a tool to help us live better lives. So, we…

  • build web sites and apps to make significant improvement to the lives of many people, helping them live more healthy, productive and fun lives.
  • work remotely.
  • work to live, don’t live to work.
  • have fun as much as we can.

Our first project is called „One Question“ („Един въпрос“). “Edin Vapros” (meaning “One Question” – www.edinvapros.org) is a project which aims to help the ever-growing number of people in Bulgaria who have embarked upon the challenging path of creating their own business (or other own initiatives) by providing them access to successful Bulgarians, working and creating in different spheres. Through the website, everybody is able to pick one or several of the present experts and ask them a question that concerns him/her and would help his/her development, as well receive an answer free of charge. The answer is then published on the website so that other users can derive benefit from it.

Our founder, Silvina Furnadzhieva, is the person behind the „Project Manager for Rent“ service. If you decide to use it, you’ll go through the following steps:

  1. Free initial consultation which is held online in a day and time most convenient to you. We take 3o minutes to discuss your project and how she can help you with it. This is a completely free of charge, risk-free, no-strings-attached talk.
  2. If you decide to start working together, together you’ll prepare a schedule and payment plan for the next sessions. Each of them is held online for 60 minutes. You can include your team members or external developers and designers on the calls, as needed.
  3. After all sessions are finished, you receive a detailed plan of follow-up actions and a resources list (with web site links, books, software and even contact details of people who you may find helpful) to support you in your work.

Our first online course, „Super Productivity“ (in Bulgarian language) is currently in development.


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